Bilstein Shocks Review

Often times, the difference between an okay ride quality and a superb ride quality lies in a new set of shocks. For a while, my truck has been riding on the original factory installed shocks and I thought they were quite satisfactory. Only after installing a new set of Bilstein shocks just recently did I realize what I have been missing.

The Bilstein shocks come with a mono-tube design. The tube is filled with hydraulic shock oil and nitrogen gas, with a floating gas seal separating the two. To prevent foaming and cavitation and to ensure that the damping is effective even on punishing off-road surfaces, the oil column maintains a nitrogen gas pressure of 360 psi.

All Bilstein shock absorbers incorporate a special “rising rate” valving, which has the effect of making the shocks increasingly responsive as the road surface gets more demanding. This ensures that with the Bilstein shocks, you will always have the right amount of ride control regardless of the driving conditions or road surface.

Compared to the stock shocks I had on my truck, there is better dampening action on the Bilstein front shocks. This reduces body motion and sway and makes me feel that the front end of the truck is firmly planted on the road surface.

According to Bilstein, the spring-steel valving discs and the self-adjusting piston regulate the flow of oil with great precision, ensuring optimum compression and rebound control. Since the Bilstein shocks do not have any springs or check valves, you do not have to worry about their wearing out every so often. The Bilstein shocks also use a very strong hardened steel piston rod. It is actually one of the strongest you are going to find in the market. All these unique features are designed to work in unison, providing the optimum performance that has become synonymous to Bilstein shocks.

The superior design and solid performance of Bilstein shocks provides a solid ride with improved handling and vehicle control. On top of that, they are competitively priced, which means you are unlikely to go wrong with Bilstein shocks.